I took your workshop last year and I found it to be an absolutely wonderful experience. I can’t really explain it but I felt absolutely empowered afterwards. When I came to the workshop, I had been trying to have a second child for almost two years and although I didn’t feel hopeless, my frustration level was at an all time high. Your workshop made me feel really strong and hopeful. I am now 7 months pregnant.



Receptive Nest’s restorative practice made me realize that I was working too hard, trying everything to have a successful pregnancy and I was exhausted. The emphasis on letting go and being kind to myself was powerful. Meeting teachers and fellow students who had similar experiences to me was also beneficial. I became gentler on myself and more reflective. The focus on restoration continued throughout my third pregnancy and I now have a lovely daughter.



Having dealt with fertility problems for a long time, participating in this workshop was the first time I felt completely supported, both emotionally and physically. The restorative yoga poses felt SO good, and Barrie and Karen were attuned and responsive to everyone’s individual needs. They were also great sources of information about both yoga and fertility, and the handouts made it easy to continue the practice at home. I highly recommend this as a positive, nurturing mind/body experience for anyone trying to get pregnant.



After two unsuccessful IVF cycles, I’d given up hope and given out. What made the difference the third time was the amazing team of holistic support I developed. At the forefront of these efforts was my restorative yoga practice for fertility.

Barrie and Karen gave me a personalized yoga practice that actually did restore me. It helped me cope with the emotional roller coaster of the cycle as much as the physical effects of the treatment itself. This time I became pregnant and we had a beautiful baby girl. As a nice side effect, this practice even restored my husband and helped soothe the strains IVF was placing on our relationship. It gave us a way to come together peaceably and touch each other without grief (if you’ve done IVF, you know what I mean). We’d even fall asleep on the floor in our practice; he swears he never slept better.



We got great news on Wednesday; we’re pregnant from our IVF cycle. We know we have a ways to go over the next two months to confirm all is ok, but we are thrilled and excited! The meditation and restorative poses definitely helped me through the IVF process, the waiting period from transfer to pregnancy test and continue to help me remain calm as my body changes on a daily basis.